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Hey動画 4219/ccp029 Thin Pretty Thai Teen Inseminated And Fertilized!

Hey動画 ジェニー Jenni 4219/ccp029

HD スリム 外国人 生ハメ 中出し お姉さん ハメ撮り 洋物コンテンツ スレンダー 生はめ Hd Pov Slim Lovely Bareback Creampie Non Japanese Monger In Asia Heydouga
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    Hey動画4219/ccp029 Ω Hey動画ジェニーポルノ映画 Ω Thin Pretty Thai Teen Inseminated And Fertilized! I met sweet、 sexy gogo dancer Jenni one night at a bar in LK Metro. She had just arrived in Pattaya from Chiang Rai in the northern part of the country and was young、 dumb、 and naive、 just how I like ‘em! I paid the barfine and took Jenni back to my place and proceeded to pound her tight、 fresh teenage pussy all night. She wasn’t the best lay、 but she was so pretty and delicate that I had no problem getting turned on、 despite being fairly boring in bed.The next morning during “pillow talk” Jenni revealed to me that it was her parents’ lifelong dream for her to get impregnated by a foreign man. If she arrived back in her province with a bulging belly filled with a foreigner’s baby、 she would be honored and respected and her parents would be so proud of her. Would I help her fulfill her parents wishes and dreams? Of course honey、 I’m always down to help!So that afternoon Jenni came back over and I let the cameras roll! As I said before、 she wasn’t the greatest performer due to her relative inexperience around foreign men、 but she had all the right parts in all the right places、 and her pretty face and tight teen body got me rock hard.After a decent blowjob、 I started pumping Jenni’s pussy in every position I could think of. It felt so good that I didn’t even care if she was a “starfish” in bed. I couldn’t wait to send this little teen back to her province with a bulging belly、 and just thinking about it made me blow my load a little early. Oops! Oh well、 as long as my precious sperm deposit found its way to her egg、 no problem! I corked Jenni up like a bottle of fine wine and let my sperm incubate in her birth canal for 15 minutes. When I popped out the cork and the sperm oozed out out、 I knew she was pregnant!

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