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Hey動画 4219/ccp024 Asian Teen With Massive Mammaries Gets Creampied!

Hey動画 ダナ Dana 4219/ccp024

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Hey動画4219/ccp024 Ω Hey動画ダナ特選ポルノ動画集 Ω Asian Teen With Massive Mammaries Gets Creampied! Another week、 another fresh teen calf to inseminate. Do you guys remember Dana、 my beautiful、 busty、 bovine beauty? I first met this big-titted teen hooker a few months ago and eventually accepted her into my harem of Bangmaids. Although she was a little chunky、 her juicy jiggling globes more than made up for her unsightly jelly rolls. Perfect breeding material、 and I creampied the sexy little calf numerous times trying to knock her up.Well、 nature has a way of thwarting your plans. For whatever reason、 the stars never aligned for us and Dana was never ovulating on the days I creampied her. Such a waste! I knew she was disappointed and desperately wanted my baby. At this point、 after fucking Dana for a few months、 I was starting to get tired of her to be completely honest、 so I decided to send the hefty heifer out with a bang….literally. I wanted to make sure this final creampie sent her on her way to maternal bliss.Dana wasn’t very good at math and she didn’t understand her ovulation cycle that well、 so I had to figure it out for her. I did the calculation and found the exact 24 hour window in which she was at optimal fecundity and we got straight to work. After a few months of training、 Dana had gotten really skillful at blowing my 9-inch cock. Well、 she at least became better at letting me fuck her empty skull cavity without gagging too much、 which is really all a woman needs to be able to do. As I slid my rock hard cock into Dana’s dripping wet snatch、 I just knew that this was going to be the session that knocked her up. I could just smell the pheromones in the air. I started pumping her 18-year-old cunt faster and faster、 changing positions constantly to find the right one for optimal sperm delivery. I finally settled on missionary and unloaded a torrent of life-giving semen into her bovine breeding box. Soooooo satisfying.To make sure the sperm didn’t drip out、 I corked my little heifer like a bottle of wine、 ensuring the maximum chance of fertilization. But in all honesty、 I probably didn’t even need to cork this whore. I knew as soon as I unloaded into her pussy that this curvaceous cow would be bearing a calf soon enough、 hehehe.

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