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Hey動画 4229/161 【18歳 香川県】めい

Hey動画 椎名のあ Noa Shiina 4229/161

清楚 生ハメ お姉さん ぶっかけ 修正あり 顔射 口内発射 生はめ 中出し Lovely Bukkake Elegant Bareback Censored Eagle Heydouga
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    Hey動画4229/161 Ω Hey動画椎名のあ無料ポルノ Ω 【18歳 香川県】めい 【18歳 香川県 学生 巨乳】今回の女の子は香川県出身で関西からお越しのめいちゃん。なんと18歳の学生さんです!ファミレスでいろいろ聞いてみると甘いもの大好き、自炊は苦手…と幼さの残る可愛い女の子ですが、服越しでもわかるほど巨乳です。しかも色白で肌もキレイなのでこれは期待できますよ!応募のきっかけを聞いてみると「セックスがしたいから!」AVのような凄いSEXをしたいからということで驚きですね!初体験は16歳のときで、その時にSEXの楽しさ、気持ち良さに目覚めたようです。経験人数が少なく清楚な見ためなのに週4回オナニーしていたりむっつりスケベでギャップが最高ですw服を脱いでもらうと恥ずかしがって顔を隠すのですごく男心をそそります!ブラを脱がし綺麗なEカップおっぱいをイジメると感度抜群!喘ぎ声を漏らして感じまくります。次にパンツをずらしアソコを露出させると…な、なんと!パイパンおま○この登場!色も形も滅茶苦茶キレイなのでチンコがガッチガチになるほど興奮しましたwクリを中心に責めまくると更に大きく喘ぎ、ビチョビチョに濡らしながらイキまくり!フェラさせると、ヨダレをだらだら垂らしながら激しく舐めたり音をたてたりとかなり上手いですw人生初めてのパイズリをお願いし色白美巨乳で挟んでもらうと初めてとは思えない上手さと気持ち良さ…これはSEXの素養ありまくりですね!正常位、騎乗位、バックで突きまくると感じすぎて何度もイキまくるめいちゃん。「好きな所に出してもいいよ♡」という言葉に甘えてついついお口に大量射精。今まで体験したことのない激しいSEXでいっぱいイキまくれたようで大満足で帰っていきました。これは素晴らしい女の子を発掘してしまいましたよ![Kagawa Prefecture、 18、 student、 bit tits] Our girl for today is Mei、 born in Kagawa Prefecture、 raised in the Kansai area. She's an 18-year-old student! When I asked her about various things at the family restaurant、 she told me that she loves sweets and is not good at cooking for herself. She is a cute girl with a lingering youthfulness、 but she has big tits that you can see even through her clothes. And she's fair-skinned and is just a beauty all over、 so we can expect a lot from her! When we asked her why she applied、 she said、 "Because I want to have sex!” I was surprised to hear that it was because she wanted to have great sex、 just like in porn! Her first experience was when she was 16 years old、 and it was then that she was awakened to the fun and pleasure of sex. She has very little experience and looks innocent、 but she masturbates 4 times a week. This little gap between her innocent looks and her libido is just somethin’ else. After she took off her clothes、 she hid her face because she was so shy. How fucking cute is that?! When I took off her bra and teased her beautiful D cup tits、 she was so sensitive let out a nice moan. Next、 she pulls down her panties to expose her pussy... and voila! I was so excited that my cock was twitching. The color and shape of her pussy was so beautiful that it made my cock twitch with excitement、 and when I focused on her clit、 she moaned even louder and came all over the place、 dripping wet! When I asked her to give me a blowjob、 she was very good at licking and making noises while slurping down all the yummy juices. She gave me her first ever titjob、 and what a titjob it was! Her fair、 massive tits made for an experience so amazing you wouldn’t believe it was her first...sex with this one is going to be a treat! We fuck in missionary、 cowgirl、 doggy、 and Mei just keeping on cumming all over! She said、 "You can cum anywhere you like." I took her at her word and shot that load in her mouth. She seemed super satisfied from the intense sex and cumming that much、 something she had never experienced before. What a wonderful girl we discovered!

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